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Your Child's Journey to Success Begins Here


Nedlof's is Offering online homeschool alternative educational curriculum and programs 

for children Pre-K through grade 12


Nedlof's invites students from across the states to take 1 - 3 supplemental courses online while staying enrolled in their home district.  Families experience an added level of convenience because learning can happen anywhere there's an internet connection.  This means you can use our program as your core online homeschool curriculum, or to supplement your child’s primary schooling. Our program is flexible, so you can easily adjust it to meet your family’s needs.

Customizing Your Online Homeschool Experience

Our flexible online homeschool curriculum can be adjusted to meet your family’s needs, no matter what homeschool styles you utilize. With Nedlof's, each child can follow a personalized Learning Path with lessons in all of the core subject areas, plus enriching electives! Learn more about the different subjects and courses in our online homeschool curriculum:


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Please email us to receive your program guide.
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