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Lower School
Approved by the State Board of Education Independent Online School

Live Instructor-led online classes that will spark your scholars love for learning through a stimulating curriculum.


The overall Lower School's academic program is directly connected to the academy's mission to accelerate academic achievement through optimizing the children's creative and innovative development through our Lower School's challenging and stimulating programs. For Nedlof's Virtual College Preparatory Academy's little Seeds, we explore proven and technologically advanced ways of teaching through age-appropriate applications. This program is a user-friendly, self-paced learning system designed to help students achieve proficiency in Language Arts, Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies that combines technology with state academic standards to improve student achievement by providing both remediation and instruction.   


LITTLE SEEDS - For Students in Grades Pre-K through 5

Transforming the way students learn is a conscious process where the textbook-based basic academic skills mediate and adapt to new digital and visual skills with media technology. That is why our pathways cover the explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) early as a central component combined with technologically advanced ways of teaching age-appropriate programs from Preschool to the first day of kindergarten to senior year. When we encourage our children to pursue STEM, we double our future potential for innovation.

The Pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade curriculum provides students with a nurturing, exploring, stimulating curriculum, to get started on a lifetime of learning. Our project-based curriculum, offering texts, engaging activities, and online learning, helps to activate these young children's brains in a way that is beneficial at an early age. With a blend of language development, numbers, music, art & play, along with practice activities, preschoolers gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read, write, build their math and science skills. In like manner the content of language arts, science, math, and social studies help to build a strong foundation for every child of all ages to become successful students. Additionally, coding helps students learn how to plan, be organized, and improve skills in writing in a fun and exciting way.

The elementary courses include core subjects such as:

  • Art

  • Language arts and reading

  • Mathematics

  • science

  • The World Around Us

  • World Languages

Students will take elective courses, such as coding,  P.E., and music, as well.











When a student enrolls in Nedlof's Virtual College Preparatory Academy, they will receive:

  • Live Instructor-led interactive online courses;

  • Educational activities; 

  • Interactive Videos;

  • Interdisciplinary and cross curriculum learning, with an emphasis on critical thinking and character building;

  • And personalized instruction based on individual student needs.

Our academic team will ensure to create supportive environments to accelerate student learning, keeping them learning at a meaningful pace. Nedlof's Virtual College Preparatory Academy’s online elementary school will provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to transfer on to our online middle school program.

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