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Enrollment Process    




Step 1:   Student application must be filled out completely and signed by a Parent/Legal Guardian. Please fill out one application per student in your household.


Step 2:  Allow 3-5 business days for the application process. Within 3-5 business days from the date that the application is received, our Engagement Specialist will review the application and contact the family to schedule an interview.


Step 3:  The student and parent will participate in a brief scheduled Interview. The interview is given to ensure prospective students, parent (s) and/guardian understand what our expectations are, and to ensure NVCCPA is a perfect fit to ensure success for the student. If you cannot attend the interview, please call within 24 hours to reschedule at (708) 257-6420.  Upon successful completion of the enrollment process your student will be officially accepted.


Step 4:  Once acceptance, the student will then be officially enrolled with NVCCPA and given access to all online course work if applicable and forwarded course materials via email and USPS.  





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2022 School Year

  • Pay-in-Full Discount: For families enrolled full-time who pay in full for the school year, save 10% on tuition.

  • Multi-Child Discount: For families with two or more children enrolled full-time, save 10% on private school tuition for each enrollment. The multi-child discount does not apply to the 14-day trial class.

  • Military Discount: For active-duty military (with Military ID), save 5% on total full-time and part-time tuition for each student you enroll.

  • CAPS Participants are WELCOME!

 Tuition and Discount Programs*

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