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Everyone Wants the Best for Their Child, so you need a Top-Rated School Starting With Preschool.

We know many families who have homeschooled their child (ren), making a change from their local public education system that is lacking in areas they feel are important. Some families have cited bullying or behavioral problems as the root of a family's decision to educate at home; or the child has special needs; Others want to avoid overcrowded schools and classrooms (NHES, 2017). Large numbers of parents also indicated that they were homeschooling to provide moral (67%) or religious (51%) instruction (NHES, 2017).

Nedlof's Virtual College Preparatory Academy LLC and Nedlof's Little Seeds Academy heard your concerns. We launched our independent online school in 2016 offering convenient year-round start dates to accommodate your needs. Our goal is to provide high-quality education for your child's success in school and in life starting with preschool because we believe that "Starting Early Matters Most!"

Additional we have created high-quality free and cost effective resources to supplement online learning in the virtual environment. You can also purchase Nedlof's courses to supplement your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. Explore our coding courses for ages 6-18 and personalized tutoring services to guide your child academically, socially, and emotionally.


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