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Helping Children Transition into an Online School Environment

Starting a new school, particularly a virtual school, will require some

adjustment, yet with planning and preparation, you can anticipate a

smooth transition.

Online schooling can be a great option for many families for various reasons. However, for a child to succeed in this type of learning environment, they will need the utter support of a committed parent or guardian. In fact, parents play a vital role in their child’s success in virtual school. This time of transition will be a huge adjustment for both the child and the adult and can cause feelings of anxiety, which is common and completely natural when going through significant changes. The good news is that you can plan and prepare ahead of time which will help calm your nerves and give you a bit of confidence boost, and more importantly, it will go a long way towards helping your student transition smoothly into his or her new school.

Additional virtual schools offer more one-on-one time with instructors, which could enhance the learning experience. Moreover, the flexible schedule in virtual schools allow parents to take more of an active role in their children’s education.

Traditional, brick-and-mortar schools work well for many students. But it can be challenging for aspiring athletes, actors, artists, and those heavily involved in extracurricular activities to find a balance between school and their interests. Many students in such situations devote significant time to travel, practice, and other requirements to meet their goals. Online schools offer flexible schedules that fit school to the student—instead of fitting the student to the school.

Parents this blog is guided by three questions:

 What do you hope for in this new year for your students?

 What do your children hope for in this new year for school?

 Can your children benefit from the flexibility of virtual schools?

Tell us, how?

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