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How to Design Eye-Catching Development Activities for Children ages 2-5

Your children will be excited when they see the eye-catching art, they can create with construction paper and when painting with circles. Painting can inspire and improve your child’s creative thinking. That’s why we made 5 simple, sweet, and easy, eye-catching, creative, activities, for your children to learn and grow.

Creative development in children ages 2-5 is all about nurturing their overactive imagination and promoting skills important for their social, mental, and physical development. Listed below are 4 super fun creative development activities for children ages 2-5 that are as easy as making your child eat pudding cookies and are sure to boost their creative genius too.

Draw your children’s attention to colors, textures, shapes, and other options, and make painting a fun sensory experience. Using a variety of different-sized tools and paint in various colors, your children can make patterns and experiment with the marks they can make on paper. Lids, bottles, fingers, and paper tubes are all great to use for cr

eating circles.

For this activity you will need a large sheet of paper and a variety of paint colors. Turn those cute little fingers and hands into adorable animal prints. Tell your little one to put blobs of paint on one half of the paper, it could be a single color or a mixture and let your little artist run their fingers and hands through the paint. Let your child’s imagination run free and fold the sheet of paper into half and then unfold it …this technique is an excellent sensory activity for kids of all ages. Next, encourage your child to make out which animal he/she has formed.

Mom’s you will love this Mess-Free painting activity. Here’s is how you can do it:

  • Choose bold and bright colors to create a trendy bright rainbow effect that will catch your children’s eyes.

  • Take a plastic Ziploc bag and add the paint. I prefer using washable paint since the plastic bag may break.

  • Tape the four edges of the bag containing the paint down on a sheet of construction paper or cardboard with masking tape and watch your child smush the paint around in the bag without making a mess.

  • You may add shampoo or gel to create texture.

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies (Soft Batch!)

These soft batch cookies are made with a combination of butter and cream cheese, which makes them extra rich and delicious! Compliments to the site below (click on the link to see the recipe):

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