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Whether you’re just starting to homeschool, or are an old pro, learning about different ways to homeschool will help you ensure your practices meet the students individual instructional needs and educational objectives.

Many students who are homeschooled benefit from taking part in nontraditional educational options while learning from home. Throughout the day they are learning at parks, zoos, and museums. In addition, they’re taking trips with their families, exploring, and experiencing cultures and lands that those in a more traditional setting typically only read about in textbooks.

One of the best benefits of being a homeschooler is that you are not tied to one option of learning. Another is its flexibility, and children have more time to focus on the subjects than those who attend traditional schools.

If learning from the kitchen table is more your style, there are plenty of options for that, too! Choosing a homeschooling style boil down to what you as a family can sustain. There are seven main styles of which most families build their homeschools: Traditional, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Project-Based, Road schooling, and eclectic.


Our curriculum is extremely flexible and completely customizable. Whatever your style, we believe homeschooling is beneficial in educating a child; If you do too, would you join us. This allows parents to use our programs with just about any homeschool style.

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How it works: Nedlof's tutors are professional experts who set their own prices based on their demand and skill.



Check Your State Homeschooling Laws

One of the first things you should do once you’ve made the decision to homeschool your children is to find out what your state laws are since homeschooling laws can vary by state. While some states have a very lax approach when it comes to homeschooling, others have many requirements that must be met. A great place to start to find out what the legal requirements for homeschooling are in your state is the state’s Department of Education website. It is important to note that homeschool requirements can change frequently, so be sure to check these thoroughly each year.

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